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October 5, 2009

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Hello!  Hello to the Lost! Hello to those still searching to heal the hurts in their hearts! Hello to those who feel all alone!  Hello to those who think no one cares about them! Hello to those who cannot even seem to love themselves!

You may have heard this before or maybe not but I want to try to help you never to be or feel alone again no matter what your circumstance is presently.

In the days ahead I want to share with you this love I have for Jesus and how he can change your life for good and forever!

I want you to know that when you have Jesus as your personal friend you have everything! There is no other relationship that will satisfy the longing of your heart as this one! For God sent his only Son into the world to save us all from our sins.  That means ALL OF US! That means YOU TOO!

Love always,



Hello world! October 4, 2009

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